AMC Theatres® Soars During Memorial Day Weekend on the Strength of TOP GUN: MAVERICK’s Record-breaking Performance

TOP GUN: MAVERICK shatters a 15-year-old record, posting the best Memorial Day weekend domestic box office performance in history by a significant margin

The domestic box office saw an estimated 122% year over year increase versus 2021’s Memorial Day weekend

More than 3.3 million guests watched TOP GUN: MAVERICK at a global AMC location this weekend

Including all movies showing this weekend, more than 5 million guests attended a showtime at a global AMC location this weekend, up from nearly 2.6 million the same weekend in 2021

It’s being reported that 55% of ticket buyers were 35 years or older

LEAWOOD, Kan.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- AMC Theatres® (NYSE:AMC), the largest theatrical exhibitor in the United States and the world, felt the need for speed this Memorial Day weekend. And the need for popcorn. And the need for extra showtimes. All of which helped accommodate the incredible guest demand for TOP GUN: MAVERICK’s historic weekend opening.

The record-setting success of TOP GUN: MAVERICK is another example of a box office that continues to show positive signs of recovery. Led by the opening of Top Gun, the domestic box office posted a 122% year over year increase compared to Memorial Day 2021, which then featured A QUIET PLACE PART II and the live-action CRUELLA. It’s also been reported that 55% of the total domestic audience this year was 35 years or older, an indication that older Americans are also returning to movie theatres in significant numbers.

In all, nearly 4 million guests came to an AMC in the United States to see a movie during the holiday weekend. In addition, approximately 1.1 million guests came to see a movie at our international theatres. That’s more than 5 million guests who came to a global AMC this past weekend, versus nearly 2.6 million the same weekend in 2021.

Fully 2/3 of AMC’s total guests came to theatres this holiday weekend to watch TOP GUN: MAVERICK, numbering more than 3.3 million moviegoers.

Adam Aron, Chairman and CEO of AMC said, “Our sincerest congratulations to Tom Cruise and the entire creative and artistic team who have given us TOP GUN: MAVERICK. They have delivered a movie for the ages, and one that will be talked about with affection and even reverence for decades and decades to come. Tom Cruise continues to be one of theatrical exhibition’s greatest allies, and AMC is enormously grateful to him for his tireless and indefatigable efforts to support the cinema.”

Aron continued, “Similarly, a big salute to our friends at Paramount Pictures. They released a perfect movie and ensured it would be seen the world over in the way movies are meant to be seen: on the big screen with incredible picture quality and extraordinary sound.”

Aron concluded, “We also want to thank the more than 3.3 million people who have already seen TOP GUN: MAVERICK at our AMC and Odeon theatres in the U.S. and abroad. It was our pleasure to entertain you, and we invite you to come back to our theatres and see TOP GUN: MAVERICK again. This movie is that good! And, lest we forget, expect to be dazzled by the so many more blockbuster movie titles that will be releasing in June, all summer long and throughout calendar year 2022. Welcome back to the cinema, welcome back to the world of AMC!”

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