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Executive Officers & Board of Directors

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Executive Officers
Adam M. Aron
Chief Executive Officer and President
Craig R. Ramsey
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Elizabeth Frank
Executive Vice President and Chief Content & Programming Officer
John D. McDonald
Executive Vice President, U.S. Operations
Mark A. McDonald
Executive Vice President, Global Development
Stephen A. Colanero
Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer
Kevin M. Connor
Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary
Chris A. Cox
Senior Vice President and Chief Accounting Officer
Carla C. Sanders
Senior Vice President, Human Resources

Board of Directors
Lin Zhang
Chairman of the Board
Adam M. Aron
Jack Q. Gao, Ph.D.
Lloyd Hill
Howard W. “Hawk” Koch, Jr.
Kathleen M. Pawlus
Anthony J. Saich
Gary F. Locke
Mao Jun (John) Zeng